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The future of international business is 24/7 spatial communication.
Photo by 
Fang Guo

Augmented Due Diligence

Glasses on a table lit by a window from behind

10:23 PM. Laura rubbed her eyes. She felt like a vagabond having been to Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney and Lahore all in the span of hours. In seven minutes she’d be in Seoul. Taking a sip of her tailored nutrient latte she reached for her AR glasses.

“Welcome Laura. Here’s your brief before the meeting.” The virtual assistant added a range of insights to the lenses in her glasses.

“Show me their projections.”

A series of graphs and charts popped into view, Laura moved them with gestures in the air, zooming in and out of the time scale.

“Apply a force multiplier to the social axis.”

The graphs changed showing possible futures based on autonomously gathered trends. She swiped through the charts – new insights popped up as she adjusted time horizons, financials, and social scenarios.

“The meeting is about to start. Shall I introduce you?” The assistant interrupted.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Laura spun around in her chair facing the doorway of her office. The cold blue light of the hallway spilled into the room.

Ba-ding “Hello Jae Moon. This is Laura, she’s a partner at Maple Lake Capital. Laura, this is Jae Moon, founder of Moon Dust Labs. I’ll leave you two to get acquainted.” The virtual assistant stepped out through the open door and disappeared down the hallway. Laura always wondered where the hell she went.

Jae Moon, lifelike, a trickery of light and sound appeared in front of Laura. He began to speak – his words translated from Korean to English, his voice synthesized by the system to sound just like Jae Moon. Initially it was always surreal, but within seconds it would feel normal. Trickery. The future of international business.

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