Social Success

August 23, 2020

The heavy glass doors slid open—whoosh—the only sound in the hallway besides their footsteps. From ear to ear, a man smiled, though forced as it was required of him. He had been a good participant today.

He was arrested for failing to watch the Daily Bootstrap: a visionary program dedicated to telling the harrowing stories of trillionaires—how they built themselves up from nothing—and you can too.

In custody, he was treated pleasantly, made comfortable, and only after passing an exam on our true economic warriors was he allowed to leave. Not without a deduction of social credit, however. For being arrested was costly—how else could we as a society pay for the brave Social Success force?

Our trillionaires, who art in towers, struggle every day to keep us safe; providing the much needed funding for our social programs that keep us clothed, fed, and a roof over our heads.

A scan of his face at the checkout counter provided the system with confirmation of his identity. -250 credits. He wasn’t a handsome man, born to two service industry workers. He went through college on his parent’s social credit and found himself on the other side as an assistant to the AI editor of a SuccessTube channel.

A drawer slid out from under the checkout screen, in it his glasses, ring, and phone. Grabbing them, a chime played on the screen, “Thanks for participating. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Abide.”

Shawn Cole 2021
Strategic Foresight, Research & Design