Shawn Cole

Sometimes calling oneself a designer elicits an impression of purely visual design. That’s kinda only a fraction of what I do. For the last half-decade or so I have been working on complex problems for business leaders, scientists, and investors. Complex problems aren’t just difficult for the sake of difficulty, they come from the massive variability of being human. I do this work because most attempts to address these problems fail—they’re borne out of poorly conceived strategies, a lack of research, non-human-centred design, or just shit luck. The nature of what I do is largely strategic, thus here’s a selection of work that I’m allowed to show you.

Future of Eating

A broad look at the food industry, idenitifying opportunities in the quick serve restaurant and dieting sectors. For an institutional investor, September 2020

Ubiquitous Computing

Created guidelines for how connected devices work autonomously as a group to determine their social context, and enable true multimodal interaction. For a global consumer electronics co, November 2019

Home Automation & Appliance Intelligence

LG / ElementAI

When future homes and appliances can think, we imagined how humans might experience and interact with them—at different levels of automation, May 2019

Future of Small Business

Wave Financial

Conceptualized the AI-enabled tools future entrepreneurs would need to thrive in the coming autonomous economic paradigm,
December 2018

Autonomous Operating System

Determined how future users might interact with a fully autonomous mobile OS, and its post-app software ecosystem. For a confidential smartphone mfr,  June 2018